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Few cities in the world have such a unique mix of history and culture as Hong Kong. Run by the British for over 100 years before being returned to China -- Hong Kong still embraces its mixed heritage. Check out the links below to find out more about the city that defines East meets West.
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Beginners Guide to Chinese Traditional Medicine
Chinese Traditional Medicine - We look at the uses, treatments and often controversial ingredients in our beginners guide to traditional Chinese medicine.

Buy Antiques in Hong Kong
Investing in Antiques can seem like a daunting task. Once the sole refuge of ‘serious’ collectors, antiques are very much in fashion and increasingly accessible. Chinese antiques are particularly hot property and there is no better place in the world to buy them than Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Temple Customs
Traditional Hong Kong temples are one of the must-see sights in the city. Although they are very relaxed, there are nevertheless a few essential rules and customs to be aware of.

Hong Kong's Colonial Buildings
Although many of the former British colonial buildings have made way for skyscrapers and shopping malls, the city does retain some buldings from yesteryear. This website by the Hong Kong Tourism Board highlights the best remaining colonial sights, and how to get to them.

Is Prostitution Legal in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong's red light district and prostitution industry have been made famous by the film Suzy Wong and various other stories of what was a booming red light prostitution business. Find out if prostitution is legal in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
This Museum has received an embarrassment of praise since it opened. The biggest museum in Hong Kong features a host of exhibitions on local Hong Kong culture. They also have a Children’s Discovery Centre, which has plenty of hands-on exhibits for the kids.

Hong Kong War Diary
This excellent website covers the events of the Japanese invasion and occupation of Hong Kong. The website is a mine of information and also has a detailed guide on where to see sights related to the invasion and occupation.

Rickshaw – A brief history
We take a look at a brief history of the rickshaw and find out where you can still catch a ride on one.

Who are the Hakka?
One of Southern China and Hong Kong's most distinct ethnic groups we look at the food, language and culture of the Hakka people.

Ip Man Movie Review

Hong Kong Theatre - Top 5
Not known as the theatrical centre of the universe, Hong Kong does have some shows. We pick the five best Hong Kong theatres.

Hong Kong Handover
The 1997 handover of Hong Kong from Britain to China is one of the most interesting aspects of Hong Kong. Find out how Queen Liz has disappeared of the coins the Union Jack has been lowered, find out what else has changed since the hong kong handover.

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