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Macau, Hong Kong's sister SAR, has seen its star rise rapidly in recent years, overtaking Hong Kong in terms of visitors and even knocking Las Vegas off its perch as the world's top gambling city. A Portuguese colony for much of its existence, Macau offers a fantastic blend of colonial architecture, excellent restaurants and, naturally, an arsenal of casinos to empty money into.
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Macau Casinos

Now the world number one gambling city in terms of revenue, Macau can boast over thirty casinos, including the worlds biggest at the Venetian. It's estimated that by 2011 the city will be host to well over one hundred casinos.

Macau Travel Planner

Hong Kong - Macau Ferry

Find out about visas, currency and language, all of which are distinctive from Hong Kong. We also look at the best ways to reach Macau from Hong Kong.

Accommodation in Macau

Macau's accommodation options are small, but growing and the arrival of the big names in the casino world has also seen the arrival of some swanky hotels. Find out about Macau accommodation from cheap sleeps to princely palaces.

What to Do in Macau

It's not all Casinos, Macau has done a great job in preserving its cultural heritage, and this former colony is a fascinating mix of Portuguese and traditional Chinese architecture.

Food in Macau

Blending the best of two worlds, Macau's Macanese cuisine is the city's great secret offering unique dishes that fuse Cantonese cooking and Portuguese ingredients, as well exotic influences from as far afield as Goa and Brazil. Macau's casinos also boast a number of high end restaurants, including an increasing collection of Michelin Starred eateries.

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