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Macau Casinos reviews

Macau's Top Six Casinos


Macau has long been a gambling haven for Hong Kongers and Chinese alike, however the spate of new Casinos is attracting gamblers from all over the world. Our Macau Casino reviews take you through Macau's biggest and boldest casinos. From the historical Lisboa to the brand new Wynn , our Macau Casino Guide has the best places to give lady luck a run for her money.

Since being handed back to China in 1999, Macau gambling has undergone a boom. The city is now the world's number one gambling operation, surpassing Las Vegas in 2007. Macau currently has more than 30 casinos, based both in the city centre and the Cotai Strip.

1. Venetian Casino Resort

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
denniswong/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The Venetian Macau signalled its intentions in a grand opening that boasted residency for Cirque du Soleil (now closed) and attendance by Manchester Utd football club. This is a resort that believes in extravagance. Unsurprising, considering this is the biggest casino resort in the world (bigger than anything in Vegas). Inside you'll find the regions' premier shopping mall, a 3000 room hotel and gondoliers roaming canals along mock, Italian streets. Not to mention the most generously sized gaming floor in the region. Completely over the top and completely fun, this is the best of Las Vegas transported to Asia. For those that like to see the shows and enjoy the food, as well as feed the slots, book a few nights at the Venetian.

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2. City of Dreams Macau

Copyright City of Dreams Macau

Macau’s first destination for grown up gamblers, the City of Dreams forgoes the Gondoliers and Gladiators of its competitors to offer a more stylish more contemporary experience. Its three hotels include The Hard Rock Hotel and Crown Tower, arguably two of the best in the city, while its five signature restaurants are elegant, exclusive and aimed at the epicurean. The gaming floor is equally impressive and one of the biggest in the city. If you’re looking for the penguin suit, James Bond gamblers experience, the City of Dreams is the place to sip you martini.

3. The Sands Macau

Copyright Sands Macau

Macaus first Las Vegas style casino, with live bands, free drinks, buffets and all the other trappings associated with the finest Las Vegas Casinos. The Sands is now officially the biggest Casino in the world, and it has set standards high, a massive main gaming floor, as well as a wide range of minimum bets on a variety of games, makes it a good bet for the everyman. The Sands also has a reputation for looking after its high rollers in superfluous style. On the down side main, the main gambling hall feels like an aircraft hangar and lacks character, while its location near the Hong Kong ferry pier sees it crammed at weekends. Avenue da Amizade

4. Casino Lisboa

Copyright Casino Lisboa

One of Macaus oldest casinos, and a veteran compared to its newer American cousins, the Lisboa was looking more than a little rundown of late, and in the face of increasing competition, treated itself to a facelift. Re-opened in early 2007, the Lisboa is a lot less foreboding and thankfully a lot brighter. The Lisboa is still markedly different from the Las Vegas style Casinos popping up the territory. Low on glitz and glammer, and instead packed with a warren of rooms hiding seasoned gamblers. Similar to European Casinos, the Lisboa is worth a visit for a glimpse of times gone by. Those looking for the Las Vegas experience should look elsewhere. 2-4 Avendia Lisboa.

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5. Wynn Macau

The Wynn has made a big splash on the Macau casino market since its opening 2006. The casino is markedly smaller than most of its rivals, almost half that of the Sands, although it it's now added the Encore Tower hotel. An award-winning design, both inside and out, has had the gambling worlds cream of the crop flocking to the Wynn to enjoy superior service Las Vegas style and some of the highest stakes gambling in town. Minimum stakes are generally high but the Wynn is a cut above the average. Avendia da Amizade

6. Galaxy Rio Casino

Copyright Rory Boland
Not necessarily the biggest or the best, but certainly one of the most enjoyable. The Galaxy Rio Casino is more refined than its brash Las Vegas cousins and its petite size helps it keep an intimate atmosphere. Set in downtown Macau, the casino attracts a seasoned crowd of loyal followers and is the better for it. A lack of gaming tables keeps most punters at the bigger casinos, but for a more elegant gaming experience you cant beat the Galaxy Rio. Opposiute Ho Yin Garden, Downton Macau
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