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Macau One Day Tour


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Macau's Must-See Sights in a Day
Rio Casino
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Macau’s proximity to Hong Kong means many people spend just a day in the former Portuguese colony, before heading back to Hong Kong in the evening. Our one day tour of Macau, will show you Macau’s best sights, from an ancient cathedral to its trademark casinos. If you're on the hunt for the city's Portuguese heritage, you might prefer to take you and your camera on our dedicated Portuguese Macau Tour.

Cobbled together by the Portuguese centuries ago, a map is a must, thanks to the warren like structure of Macau’s streets. Luckily streets are well signposted, in the Roman alphabet, and Macau is a compact city with most of the sights within walking distance.

Also be sure to check the Macau Weather, as one of the stopping off points is a beach - obviously less fun in the rain.

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