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Fernando's Restaurant Macau

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fernando dining room
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The Bottom Line

Famed all over South-East Asia, Fernando's easy-going atmosphere and excellent food make it well worth the trek out to far flung Hac Sa beach to enjoy a traditional slice of Portuguese colonial history. It's one of our top ten Macau restaurants.


  • Excellent food
  • Casual colonial atomosphere
  • Fair prices


  • Out of town location
  • No air conditioning


  • Address: 9 Praia de Hac Sa, Coloane Island.
  • Tel: +853 882 264 - No reservations, no exceptions.
  • Price: $8 - $12 for main course.
  • Opening Hours - Noon - Late. Opening hours are erratic.

Guide Review - Fernando's Restaurant Macau

Fernando's has been cooking up delicious slices of Portuguese cuisine for well over fifteen years and it's know secret that this beach side barn is one of the best restaurants in South East Asia.

Where Fernando's excels is in it's laid-back style. The namesake owner, Fernando takes no reservations, you just have to turn up and have your name added to his magical list and wait to be called forward. Luckily the outside bar in the restaurants garden, makes the time slip by quicker with some of their excellent Sangria or delicious Chorizo.

The restaurant itself is also a low-key affair, inside a brick like barn building that spills onto Hac Sa beach. Those who come to Fernando's come for the food, which is excellent. Portuguese classics such as Suckling Pig, Codfish, Prawns and Mussels are all universally tasty. While the bread is baked in the restaurants own bakery and the vegetables grown in their own vegetable plot. An excellent value wine list, all Portuguese, only adds to the attraction.

If you are in Macau for more than a day, you simply owe it to yourself to make the journey out to Coloane Island and enjoy the Fernando family cooking.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
The chicken's the thing, Member larrytadams

I admit that I have not tried many items on the menu at Fernando's as I cannot get around not ordering the chicken. It is a whole chicken, partially de-boned, marinated in many spices, and grilled. It comes with potatoes so don't order extra. It is a fabulous experience. Please tell your taxi driver not to drive too fast as you will arrive car-sick (if you are prone to that sort of thing) as I did, and I had to wait a bit before eating. Winds a terrific buy! Spring is best with the cool breezes blowing right off the South China Sea in an outdoor setting!

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