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What Are the Rules in Macau's Casinos?


Question: What Are the Rules in Macau's Casinos?
Rules in Macau's casinos have mellowed considerably since the arrival of American casinos to the territory. More relaxed, with a wider clientèle than the seedy joints that once made up the city's casinos, the likes of the Wynn and The Venetian have become entertainment palaces, rather than just gambling dens, relaxing their rules and their dress codes in the process. That said, there are still some guidelines to follow. Here are some rules in Macau's casinos.

1.The legal gambling age is 18 for foreigners and 21 for residents of Macau.

2.Cameras, laptops and luggage aren't allowed into the casino and need to be checked at the cloakroom.

3.Dress code can vary, with local establishments somewhat more uptight, however, in general, no flip flops, shorts or sleeveless tops, for either women or men. There are stricter controls on high roller rooms.

4.The legal tender is the Hong Kong dollar, not the Macau Pataca.
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