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Viva Macau Airlines Profile

Budget Flights with Viva Macau


Viva Macau Airlines is the newest budget airline to take advantage of Macau’s ever growing airport and ever growing number of visitors. Viva Macau Airlines offers a limited number of regional and long-haul destinations and its budget prices make it an excellent way to reach each either Macau or Hong Kong.

Where does Viva Macau Fly?

Viva Macau is quite obviously based in Macau, and currently offers flights to Jakarta, Sydney and Ho Chi Minh City. The Airline has experimented with a number of other destinations and various schedules and in future more routes are likely to be added. Viva Macau also offers a number of seasonal charter services to Japanses destinations, including Tokyo.

Is Flying with Viva Macau Cheap?

Yes, if you’re smart. As with all budget airlines Viva Macau needs to be booked in advance to take advantage of the best fares. The further in advance you book, the cheaper your ticket. One way tickets to Sydney, including taxes, can be as cheap as $350. While this is good value, other regional carriers can often match these prices with seasonal specials. Frequent fliers can probably travel as cheaply on their regular carrier. That said, Viva’s fares are often the lowest available, if there aren’t any specials available elsewhere.

Remember, when searching on the Viva Macau website you must click the button ‘Find Low Fares’ to access the cheapest fares available.

How is the Inflight Service?

Meals are available, although in Economy class they are not free. Most meals are from the Asian kitchen, with dishes such as Singapore Noodles and Fish in Black Pepper Sauce. There is a limited range of films on offer, including both English and Chinese language selections. Overall, the service is basic, but passable. Viva Macau Website
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