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Macau Travel Guide - How to Get There and More

Essential Macau Travel Planning Information


Macau, China. Ferries at the Ponte de Amizade or Bridge of Friendship.
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Macau Travel, particularly from Hong Kong is becoming increasingly popular.If you plan to visit to Macau, below you'll find the essential ingredients necessary, for a successful trip. While the city is an easy day trip, this Macau travel guide will ensure your visit is problem free.


Most nations are entitled to a visa free stay in Macau; nationals from the US are allocated a 30 day, visa free stay in Macau, upon arrival. European and Japanese nationals are allowed a 90 day visa free stay, and UK nationals six months. Check out our Macau Visa page for up-to-date information.

Getting There

Ferries are the only practical source of transport between Hong Kong and Macau, with ferries leaving every fifteen minutes.


Macau's official currency, the Pataca, is pegged to the Hong Kong dollar, which is almost universally accepted as currency. The official rate of exchnage between the two hovers around parity, and you are unlikely to lose much if you deal only in Hong Kong dollars. Keep in mind small shops and restaurants will accept Hong Kong dollars, but change will be in Patacas. All Macau casinos work exclusively in Hong Kong dollars. If you have Patacas at the end of your stay, try and change them in Macau, as they can be difficult to offload in Hong Kong.


Chinese and Portuguese are the two official languages and most signs are displayed in both. In reality almost no one speaks Portuguese anymore, English is spoken widely, if not as widely as in Hong Kong, and Cantonese is the predominant Chinese dialect.
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