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Macau Prices


Is Macau expensive? A city now famed for its casinos certainly sounds like it can put a cannonball through your credit card. Macau does have the potential to indulge your playboy or playgirl fantasies from glugging down champagne to spilling out chips over the blackjack table. But Vegas this isn’t and there is plenty of potential to save on the extras. Your greatest outlay is likely to be a bed and budget accommodation in Macau can be tough to find. Apart from tour hotel room cost of everyday living, sightseeing and eating out is very, very cheap. You can find out more in our guide to cheap Macau.

Prices in Macau

  • Ferry to Hong Kong ticket: $19
  • Beer in a bar: $2
  • Movie ticket: $9
  • Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant with wine: $30
  • Big Mac: $1.40

    Macau is generally not a cheap place to shop for anything but locally made goods such as cheap clothes or fruit and veg. Luxury items are imported and expensive and unlike Hong Kong electronics are not good value. We’ve picked five places to shop in Macau but if you hit the swanky shops at the Venetian you’re likely to find unpleasant prices.

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