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Travel to Macau

Travel to Macau is straightforward from Hong Kong and takes less than an hour; making it the perfect day trip. Our Macau Travel guide covers the ferries, the helicopters and everything you need to know about getting to Macau.
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  2. Macau Hotels (3)
  3. Macau Nightlife (2)
  4. Where to Eat in Macau (5)

Portuguese Macau - The Tour
Tour of Portuguese Macau – Once a Portuguese colony, the Lisboans may have left Macau but there are still plenty of Portuguese sights in the city. Follow our photo tour to find the best.

Macau Grand Prix
Guide to the F3 Macau Grand Prix, including tickets, seating and the Guia Circuit

Macau Airport Guide
Macau Airport – Transport, facilities and more in our guide to Macau Airport.

Extreme Sports at Macau Tower
Review of the Skywalk X, the world’s highest bungee jump and other extreme sports at the Macau Tower.

Macau Tower Review
Macau Tower – Find out about the view, the skywalk and the bungee jumping at Macau Tower.

Macau Hostels
There are really only three Macau hostels, all reviewed here.

Best Macau Hotels for Luxury
Whether it's a 17th century Portuguese fort, or a hotel with a dedicated golf course, we've picked out the best Macau hotels for luxury.

Travel by Ferry between Hong Kong and Macau
The ferry between Hong Kong and Macau is the only transport between the two SARs. Find out where to catch it, how much it costs and when it runs in our guide to the ferry between Hong Kong and Macau.

Macau One Day Tour
Macau is just an hour from Hong Kong, and many people like to take a day trip to the former Portuguese colony. Our Macau one day tour, takes in Macau's best sights, best food and best fun. Try our Macau one day tour to see the best of Macau in a day.

Macau Weather Season by Season
Macau weather can be unpredictable and extreme. Find out when to find sunshine and clear skies and how to avoid the typhoons in our guide to Macau weather.

Macau Travel Guide
Travel to Macau from Hong Kong couldn't be easier. Get all the essential information that you need on Macau - from visas to how to get there - it's all in our Macau travel guide.

Viva Macau Airlines Profile
Viva Macau Airlines has taken advantage of MacauÂ’s tourism boom to bring the first budget airline to the city. Whether you want to reach Macau or Hong Kong the airline can offer cheap fares from a number of international cities. We profile Viva MacauÂ’s prices, service and more.

Do I Need a Visa for Macau?
Information on Macau immigration and visa regulations.

Macau Travel Planner - FAQ
Before travelling to Macau ceck out these frequently asked questions about visas, currency, language and other related arrival issues.

What to Do in Macau
Macau has plenty to offer and is the perfect complement to Hong Kong. A Portuguese colony for over 500 years, Hong Kong's sister SAR has a boisterous reputation for gambling and casinos; but the city also boasts beautiful beaches, enduring traditions and a colonial character. Find out about the best of Macau right here.

Nightlife in Macau
A comprehensive guide to the nightlife in Macau. Nightlife top tips and where to find bars and clubs with more atmosphere than a bus stop.

Guide to Macau Food and Macanese Cuisine
Macau Food - The unique food of Macau is one of the city’s best kept secrets. Blending elements of Portuguese and Cantonese cooking, we look at typical dishes, ingredients and flavours in Macanese cuisine.

Fisherman's Wharf Macau Review
Fisherman's Wharf Macau - You might be able to shake hands with Roman soldiers and stroll around a volcano at Macau’s first ‘village’ theme park, but is Fisherman’s Wharf Macau a top tourist attraction or tacky tourist trap.

Is Macau Part of China
What country is Macau in? Thanks to a unique, colonial history, Macau has a somewhat complicated arrangement with China and in many respects is its own, independent city state.

Budget Hotels, Hostels and Accommodation in Macau
Budget Hotels in Macau - Check out our top tips and top picks for budget hotels, hostels and accommodation in Macau.

Cheap Macau Hotels Top Five
Best Cheap Macau Hotels - We select the top five cheap hotels in Macau that will leave you change from $75

Cotaijet Ferry between Hong Kong and Macau
The best way to reach the Macau casinos. Find out where, when and how to catch the Cotaijet ferry to Taipa Island.

Senado Square Macau
Senado Square is the heartbeat of Macau and the most beautiful of Macau’s beautiful Portuguese Largos.

Macau Holiday Planner
Everything you need to know, from visas and flights to hotels and hostels, before you book your Macau holiday.

Macau Shopping Guide
From the duty free jewellery stores to the boutiques of the Grand Canal Shoppes we profile the best places to shop in Macau.

Budget Macau sightseeing
Our guide to the best budget Macau sights, from Portuguese ruins and Chinese goddesses to beaches and tarts. Most of them won’t cost a penny.

Macau Jockey Club
The Macau Jockey club runs Macau races. We look at the club, the recourse, the races and how to bet.

Cheap Macau guide
Looking to see and stay in the city for not a lot of money - take a look at our Cheap Macau tips.

Macau Prices
From Big Macs to movie tickets find out about Macau prices.

Turbojet - Travel to Macau
Turbojet is the main ferry company, operating 24 hours, between Hong Kong and Macau. Their site contains information on schedules, prices and reservation.

Hard Rock Macau hotel
Hard Rock hotel in Macau review; independent review of the rooms, service and restaurants.

Location, facilities and public transport
Where to find the Macau ferry terminal and how to get there by public transport.

Air Macau review
Read our review of Air Macau to find out about their routes, the planes and the service.

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