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Chinese New Year Horoscopes 2012

Your future and the year of Dragon?


Chinese New Year -Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year -Year of the Dragon

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Your Chinese New Year horoscopes is said to define the ups and downs of the coming twelve months; telling you if you'll be lucky in love, whether you'll make a splash in the office and how many arguments you can expect to find yourself rolling around in. Sceptics should consider taking a look at our Famous Stars Born in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon and see if the mystics and crystal ball rubbers have the likes of Vladimir Putin and Keanu Reeves pegged right.

Your Chinese New Year horoscope sign is determined by the year of your birth and each year is designated an animal. Below is a light hearted look at what the stars supposedly say is in store for the Year of the Dragon. Find out more about Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.


Sick of button nosed mice getting all the pet store attention while all you get is a cyanide laced piece of cheddar and a rat trap? Rats need to be loved as well and in 2012 you should find fertile fields in your hunt for Mr or Mrs Rat. But it’s not all good news. The rat and the dragon have a love hate relationship, meaning that while you could spend the next twelve months feasting on Gorgonzola and snuggling up with someone furry, you could just as easily spend it out in the cold slinking around the sewers knee deep in sewage. Either way, get a nail file and sharpen those claws because rats can expect disagreements, arguments and knock down, drag out brawls in 2012. Conflict will be unavoidable, from home and family through business and career, the key is how you deal with it. Don’t turn tail and run, stay cool and use your head and not your paws to do the talking and you should be able to come out smelling of roses rather than the toilet bowl.


While the gentile and laidback cow usually tries to avoid upheaval and change, 2012 is likely to be a regular rodeo with a busy work calendar and plenty of emotional upsets at home. You may feel people are milking your good nature and that you’re being taken advantage of but providing steady support to family and friends won’t go unnoticed and your help will be rewarded with stronger and deeper bonds. Your hard work around the farmyard is also being noticed and while it’s unlikely it will be handsomely rewarded this year, don’t be disheartened, your name has been noted and rewards will eventually arrive.


Tigers should enjoy an energetic year on the business and career front and sweaty days spent stalking wildebeest on the savannah are likely to be well rewarded. On the downside, much of the year will be spent at the office and you’ll to be too busy chasing zebras and goring springboks that there will be little time for a roll around in the grass with friends or to sniff out any potential mates. If you can, try and channel some of your creative energy into learning new skills; your get up and go attitude will drive you to success making it the perfect year to take up that course on emergency first aid for antelopes.


Fluff up your tail and break out the carrot cake, The Year of the Dragon is here. Full of energy and optimism, 2012 is a great year for bunnies to try something new, from nosing around neighboring warrens to meet new friends to dumping the daily grind of the grass eating job to follow your dream; be it selling Duracell batteries or ferrying drinks in for Mr Heffner. Think big; others maybe envious of your success and attempt to pull you down, but if you’re bold and confident the year should bring great rewards.


Most dragons found 2011 about as much fun as chewing on icicles, 2012 will be a banner year and you’ll find fewer white knights prancing around with your name on the end of their lance. Leadership and passion are typical traits of the dragon and while the year of the dragon will reward your natural creativity, outbursts and anger will upset workmates and friends and you could still find yourself on the business end of a lance. Instead, be patient and try and fly with the more relaxed pace of the year. If you do, you should find your cavern stuffed with goblets, trinkets and treasure chests, and, more importantly, someone scaly to share them with.


For the serpent that likes to slide along at their own pace, the action packed Year of the Dragon could prove a little too quick for comfort. Opportunities will arise, especially on the career front, but there will be pressure to take tricky decisions quickly. Keep cool; 2012 is very much a year of snakes and ladders and while you might find yourself on the climb for much of it, one wrong decision and you could slide back down to the start. Avoid sinking your teeth into new projects or new partners before you’ve weighed up the pros and cons. Instead, try and shrug off your cold blooded reputation and talk to trusted, old friends; not only will you be happier but they will give you honest advice on some of the choices that you are facing.

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