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Chinese New Year Dates

When Is Chinese New Year


Chinese lanterns
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Chinese New Year dates change from year to year as the celebration is based on the movement of the moon. The date for Chinese New Year always falls in January or February and below you’ll find the exact date for the coming years. In Hong Kong, Chinese New Year means three days of public holiday and in China seven days. The date below is for the first day of Chinese New Year but remember celebrations start the day before, on Chinese New Year eve. If you want to know how to celebrate, try our Guide to Chinese New Year, which looks at the traditions, superstitions and what’s on where.

Chinese New Year Dates

  • 2011 – February 3rd

  • 2012 – January 23rd

  • 2013 – February 10th

  • 2014 – January 31st

  • 2015 – February 19th

Part and parcel of Chinese New Year and its date is Chinese New Year horoscopes. Taken very seriously in China and Hong Kong, each year is represented by its own animal with unique characteristics and traits. For example, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. It’s believed your horoscope can define everything from the success of business plans to whether it’s a good year to travel. Find out what sign you are and what 2011 holds in store in our Guide to Chinese New Year Horoscopes 2011

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