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Top 5 Hong Kong Dim Sum


Hong Kong Dim Sum is undoubtedly the best in the world. Dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong were the forerunners for those in America, and can be considered a must try Hong Kong experience.

The Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurants below should have English menus but if want to know what to expect, check out our Hong Kong Dim Sum menu. If you haven't been for Dim Sum before, you may want to check out our Dim Sum Guide, as the noise and crowds can be intimidating. The Guide will also walk you through the ordering process.

Your favourite spot in Hong Kong for Dim Sum not listed? Tell me about it and read other reader reviews.

1. City Hall Maxim's Palace

A set table with tea and dim sum dishes in Hong Kong.
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Hong Kong's most famous Dim Sum restaurant Maxim's at City Hall deserves its hefty reputation for quality Dim Sum cuisine. One of the few remaining restaurants that still deliver Dim Sum to diners on a traditional cart - allowing you to simply point at what you want - Maxim's swinging chandeliers, white trimmed tassel chairs and uniformed waitresses are a celebration of a classic Dim Sum restaurant. Food here is very good and while its reputation has seen prices creep up the combination of experience and food make it worthwhile. 2nd Floor, City Hall, Central .

2. Cuisine Cuisine

Some of the tastiest Dim Sum in the city, served up by Hong Kong’s most talented Dim Sum chefs. If you are looking for a traditional setting, you’ll want to look elsewhere; Cuisine Cuisine has a sublimely modern interior inside Hong Kong’s biggest skyscraper. The restaurant has VIP rooms that are available for hire, and offer unbeatable views over the harbor. Despite the modern interior, the cuisine is a strictly traditional interpretation. Staff are proficient in English, as well as Mandarin. IFC Tower 2, 2nd Floor, Central.

3. Yung Kee

One of Hong Kong’s most famous restaurants, renowned for its roast meats, particularly roast goose. Although the restaurant is generally noted for its dinner selections, it also serves up some excellent Dim Sum. Yung Kee has a famous vetting process for their chefs, and the chefs exhausting training is apparent in the quality of the food. The atmosphere is exactly as you’d expect in a Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant, manic, diners descend on Yung Kee at lunchtime and the noise and action is all part of the Dim Sum experience. 32 – 40 Wellington Street, Central.

4. Tsui Hang Village

With restaurants in both Hong Kong and in Guangzhou, Tsui Hang has regional experience in it’s delivery of Dim Sum – and it shows. Tasty Dim Sum is delivered inside a traditional Chinese interior and by servers equally decked out in customary costume. Tsui Hang also delivers Dim Sum at very equitable prices. 2nd Floor , New World Tower, 16-18 Queens Road, Central.

5. Western Market

A fantastic setting inside the colonial styled Western Market building. Food here is decent, if not spectacular, while the ad-hoc daily layout of seats can mean your elbows end up in someone else’s soup. However, what makes Western Market worth stopping by are its daily tea dances. You can enjoy your Dim Sum, while watching, or participating, in a traditional English Tea Dance. Prices are fair considering the fantastic setting. Western Market, Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan.
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