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Hong Kong's Best Restaurants


It’s a big city and a city that is said to have more restaurants per head of population than anywhere else on the planet. A lazy boast but probably an accurate one in the case of Hong Kong.

1. Top Five Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Only here for a day? First time in Hong Kong? There’s only one place you need to be; a Dim Sum restaurant. More of an experience than a meal, Hong Kong is the home of Dim Sum and the hundreds of restaurants still turn raucous as they are jammed with groups of work colleagues and families. You order a slection of bite sized snacks from the menu – such as pork balls – and share them around the table. Better done in a group but doable while eating solo we’ve picked some of the finest Dim Sum joints in the city, including paces where you’ll find an English menu.

2. Top Five Seafood Restaurants in Hong Kong

As an island nation or a nation of 300 plus islands Hong Kong likes seafood – a lot. From razor clams to hairy crab, abalone and salt and pepper shrimp, if it swims, floats or scuttles around the sea the Cantonese will eat it. Seafood in Hong Kong is fantastic, perfectly suited to Cantonese cuisine that prides itself on freshness and delicate flavourings and sauces, and the wide availability of seafood means prices – even for premium dishes – are reasonable. Seafood dining runs from make shift cafes on far flung islands – often where the best food can be found – to buttoned down, white table cloth restaurants with view over the harbour. We pick our five favourite places to pick up some seafood.

3. Top Five Pizza Places in Hong Kong

You’ve had enough of rice? We get it. Cantonese food is versatile but sometimes you just need to wrap your mouth round a good piece of pie and at long last in Hong Kong you can. Once a pizza desert where your options were limited to deep frozen defrosted pies from the supermarket - better known as cardboard - or the sloppy slices they serve up at Pizza Hut Hong Kong has had a mini pizza revolution over the past few years and there are now some excellent options. We’ve picked the best places to find pizza in Hong Kong – from the delicate thin based margheritas straight from Naples to the greasy slices that call NYC home.

4. Top Five Buffets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has proud history of stuffing itself silly at the buffet table and come Sunday morning there’s nothing locals like to do more than get their hands dirty at their favourite buffet. Most of the city’s better hotels have got in on the act offering acres of excellent food to hungry diners and competing on who has the most luxurious desert selection or biggest chocolate fountain. The buffets don’t come cheap although the access all areas pass to the food is good value if you have the stomach for it.

5. Top Five Hong Kong Breakfasts

Proving a Hong Kong breakfast doesn’t have to be about a plate of slimy congee – in our pick of the best Hong Kong breakfasts we bring you world beating scrambled eggs, the great British fry up and the best place in town to wash down your omelette with craft beer. Naturally, we’ve also included somewhere you pick up some congee.

6. Top Five Hong Kong Budget Restaurants

Hong Kong is a cheap place to eat. The sheer number of restaurants and popularity of eating out means prices are very affordable and you can get very good food for not a lot of money. This is of course the home of Michelin’s cheapest restaurant. The problem is when you don’t want to eat Cantonese food – that’s when prices start creeping up – or if you’re hitting the rare steak and French wine obliterate your budget. To help we’ve picked our favourite budget restaurants – from burgers and tacos to thai and Italian.

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