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China Visa Application in Hong Kong - China Travel Planner
Travel to China from Hong Kong is a road taken by many a traveller. We look at the China visa application in Hong Kong, where and how to get a Chinese visa ...
Hong Kong to China Travel - Hong Kong/Macau Travel - About.com
Travel from Hong Kong to China is frequent and cheap, the city isn't called the Gateway to China for nothing. Through planes, trains and automobiles we cover  ...
Can I Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong?-Updated Monthly
The short answer to Can I Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong is yes, you can. The Chinese Government seems to have sowed some seeds of confusion with its ...
How To Get a Visa for Business Travel to China
No doubt about it, China is one of the really hot places for business travel these days. But before you go, you need to make sure you have the right documents.
China Travel – Info for Travel to China
The China Vacation travel guide has answers to all your questions from where to go, where to stay and where to go shopping in China.
Paperwork Required for Chinese Tourism - China Travel - About.com
Find out what travel documents, including information about your passport and visa, you need when visiting China.
Ten Step China Travel Planner - About.com
Plan your China travel in ten easy steps with this ten-step China Travel Planner.
Packing Lists for Travel to China - What to Bring to China
Find out what you need to bring with you, what you should bring with you for your trip to China, as well as what you can buy once you arrive in China.
What You Need to Know Before You Visit China - China Travel
Find out what you need to and should do to prepare for your trip to China. You'll want to get your travel documents ready, such as your passport and visa, read ...
Plan Your Trip to China - China Travel - About.com
Planning a trip to China can be intimidating. There are a few things to do before you travel that are required, like ensuring your passport is current and getting a ...
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