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Hong Kong Weather - Season by Season - About.com
Hong Kong weather is famous for it's unpredictability, and rain can turn to shine in a matter of seconds. The city also hosts some of the world's more extreme ...
Weather in Hong Kong For Each Month - About.com
Find out the typical weather in Hong Kong during each month of the year, including the average temperature and rainfall.
Fall Weather in Hong Kong - About.com
We start with Hong Kong weather in fall (September - Mid-December), as this is firmly the best time to land in Hong Kong. During fall, humidity is low, while ...
Winter Weather in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Weather
The Hong Kong weather in winter doesn't necessarily mean overcoats and gloves. Check out our guide to winter weather in Hong Kong for the lowdown on  ...
Hong Kong Weather Season by Season - Spring
The Hong Kong weather in spring is one of the best times of year to enjoy Hong Kong. Check out our guide to spring weather in Hong Kong for the lowdown on ...
Hong Kong Weather Season by Season - Summer
The Hong Kong weather in summer can be extraordinarily hot and it's best to be prepared. Check out our guide to summer weather in Hong Kong for the ...
December in Hong Kong - events, festivals and weather
The last month of Hong Kong's traditional high season, December means blue skies, no humidity and cool but not cold weather. The lack of humidity makes this  ...
Weather in Hong Kong During the Month of September
Find out the average temperature, average rainfall and all about the legendary humidity in Hong Kong in September. Page 10.
Weather in Hong Kong in April - About.com
Weather in Hong Kong in April is mainly sunny with relatively low humidity, making the month one of the best to visit the city. The average temperature for April in ...
Average January Temprature and Weather in Hong Kong
Weather in Hong Kong in January is somewhat chilly and this is the city's coldest month. However, while the locals may be wrapped up like Siberian snowmen, ...
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