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Shopping Hints and Tips in Hong Kong - Hong Kong/Macau Travel
Hong Kong shopping can be a real pleasure; plenty of choice, low-prices and high quality, are just some of the reasons a trip around the shops here is world ...
Hong Kong Shopping Malls - Top 5 - Hong Kong/Macau Travel
Hong Kong shopping malls are some of the biggest and most impressive in the world. In our essential guide we pick the top five, from boutique retreats to the big  ...
Shopping in Hong Kong - Hong Kong/Macau Travel - About.com
Shopping can be a real pleasure in Hong Kong; plenty of choice, low-prices and high quality, are just some of the reasons the city is called a shoppers paradise.
Five Best Areas to Find Shops in Hong Kong
There are shops in Hong Kong crammed into every possible space. This is a shoppers paradise. Below, we look at five of the best areas to find shops in Hong  ...
Hong Kong shopping tour in 24 hours - Hong Kong/Macau Travel
See the best of Hong Kong shopping with our 24 hour tour.
Where to Stay in Hong Kong When You Want to Shop
We've selected five of the best Hong Kong hotels for shopping, based on their location in a shopping neighborhood, the shops they have in their own arcade - or ...
Best Hong Kong Markets - Top Eight - Hong Kong/Macau Travel
Stanley market is Hong Kong market shopping for beginners. Geared towards tourists hunting for souvenirs, it doesn't have the rough and tumble of a real city ...
Causeway Bay Hong Kong Profile and Where to Shop
Causeway Bay Hong Kong is one of Hong Kong's prime shopping destinations; a rabbit warren of streets stuffed with markets and family owned shops. The area ...
Shopping for Fakes in Hong Kong - Hong Kong/Macau Travel
Fakes in Hong Kong – We look at the where and how of shopping for fakes in Hong Kong and find out what the boys in blue think.
Buying Electronics in Hong Kong - Guide and Tips
Buying electronics in Hong Kong's legendary electronic shops that line Nathan Road and the Mongkok areas is an age-old pilgrimage. Hong Kong has long ...
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