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Chairman Mao Zedong - Chinese Culture - About.com
Chairman Mao (Mao Zedong or Mao Tse Tung) is the founder of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and one of the founders of the Chinese Communist ...
Chairman Mao - Chinese Culture - About.com
Poems by Mao Zedong A collection of poems by Chairman Mao in both Chinese and English. Biography of Mao Zedong From your Guide. Includes many links ...
Mao Zedong - Brief Timeline - Asian History - About.com
A compact timeline of Mao Zedong's life, from a humble birth through the founding of the ... 1943 – Mao becomes Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.
Mao Zedong of China - Asian History - About.com
Biography of Mao Zedong, founder of the People's Republic of China. ... In 1931, Mao was elected Chairman of the Soviet Republic of China, in Jiangxi Province ...
Marriages of Mao Tse-tung - About.com Marriage
Under her leadership, and by the use of "Quotations from Chairman Mao" (The Little Red Book), Mao and Jiang tried to remove old customs, habits, and ways of  ...
What Was the Great Leap Forward? - Mao Zedong's China
The Great Leap Forward was a push by Mao Zedong to change China from a ... Chairman Mao Zedong · 1974 PRC · 1970 PRC · Human Rights in the People's ...
Chinese History: Five Year Plan - Chinese Culture - About.com
Chairman Mao · Mao Zedong - a Brief Timeline · Chronology of Chinese Dynasties · Chinese History Timeline · Photo Gallery: Tiananmen Square, 1989 ...
Chinese History: First Five-Year Plan (1953-57) - Chinese Culture
Our Expert Recommends. First Five-Year Plan · Chairman Mao · Mao Zedong – a Brief Timeline · Chronology of Chinese Dynasties · Chinese History Timeline ...
Chinese History: Great Sparrow Campaign - Chinese Culture
The Great Sparrow Campaign (打麻雀运动) was part of Mao Zedong's Four Pests ... History Timeline · Photo Gallery: Tiananmen Square, 1989 · Chairman Mao ...
1949 PRC - Chinese Culture - About.com
Tiananmen Square, Beijing, Grand ceremony marking birth of People's Republic of China: Before 300,000 people, Chairman Mao Zedong proclaims founding of ...
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