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British Hong Kong Tour - Hong Kong/Macau Travel - About.com
British Hong Kong remains a fascination for many visitors to the city, intrigued to know what's left of the city's years as a crown colony. While breakneck ...
Books About Hong Kong - Hong Kong/Macau Travel - About.com
One of Hong Kong's most influential figures, Chris Patten was the city's last British governor and while enjoying huge popularity in the then colony, Patten also ...
Guide to the Hong Kong Handover - Hong Kong/Macau Travel
Jul 1, 2007 ... For over one hundred years Hong Kong was a colony of the British Crown, and before the Hong Kong handover in 1997, Britain's last glimmer ...
Why Did China Lease Hong Kong to Britain?
China was defeated in the war, and had to cede Hong Kong to Britain in the aforementioned Treaty of Nanking. Hong Kong became a Crown Colony of the ...
History of Hong Kong Timeline – Timeline and Key Dates in the ...
Below you'll find the key dates in the history of Hong Kong presented in a timeline . This second part of ... Locals mostly remain loyal to the colonial government.
Jimmy's Kitchen Hong Kong - Hong Kong/Macau Travel - About.com
Jimmy's Kitchen, Hong Kong is one of the city's oldest and most famed restaurants. A British colonial favorite, Jimmy's Kitchen, Hong Kong is still turning out ...
1881 Heritage review - Hong Kong/Macau Travel - About.com
One of Hong Kong's flagship colonial buildings has been given a makeover as an upmarket shopping mall, we find out whether it's worth a visit.
LegCo Senate Building - Hong Kong Handover Sights
The LegCo building is one of our top five Hong Kong handover sights. ... The LegCo building itself is a superb example of British colonial architecture. Built in ...
Colonial Hollywood Road - Hong Kong/Macau Travel - About.com
At the far end of Hollywood Road is one of Hong Kong's finest colonial buildings, the former Central Police station. Originally built in 1864 and subsequently ...
Special Administrative Regions - What is one? - Hong Kong/Macau ...
Special Administrative Regions were designed in response to the challenge of getting Macau and Hong Kong, both former colonies, back under Chinese rule.
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