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Rory Boland

Rory Boland

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Rory Boland has always been a global citizen. Born in the UK to Irish parents, his mixed nationality inspired him to travel the world. A life-long expat, he has spent time living in Maine in the US, Poland, as well as short residences in various other countries.

Usually found foraging through the remains of a Dim Sum feast for that last pork dumpling or raiding the Lan Kwai Fong 7-Eleven for a pair of back pocket San Miguels when in town, Rory Boland splits his time, both living and writing, between the sweaty streets of Hong Kong and the windswept tundras of Warsaw.

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Rory previously worked as Editor on Hong Kong CityLife before moving into freelance work. Hong Kong based projects have included; Hotels Editor for Zagat Hong Kong 1st Edition, Co-Author of National Geographic Traveller Hong Kong 3rd Edition. In addition, he has also contributed to a number of Time Out books and to various newspapers and magazines, including the Boston Globe, South China Morning Post and Irish Times.


Rory received a BA in English Literature from University of Wales Bangor.

By Rory Boland:

Few cities in the world can truly capture the imagination; those cities with an irresistible buzz and a devilish excitement can be counted on one hand. On that hand is Hong Kong. Its towering skyscrapers and suited and booted residents represent a city that is constantly hurtling into the future, always plotting for success. At the same time it is a city of enduring tradition and superstition; where bad feng shui is blamed for illness and failure on restless spirits and ancestors. It's a city of endless interest that goes much deeper than its skyscraper and shopping reputation.

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