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Best restaurants in April

Monday March 31, 2014

If New York is the city that never sleeps, Hong Kong is the city that always eats. Hong Kongers are mad about food. This is the city that gave the world Dim Sum and the other wonders of Cantonese cuisine and where you'll find both the best western food in Asia and the tastiest curries east of Eluru.

Rampant rents and an ever shifting appetite for something new also mean the city sees dozen of new restaurants swing open their doors each month. This month we've rounded up some of the best. Read our new Hong Kong restaurants in April list to find out about raw cooking, the city's first Brazilian grill and whether Causeway Bay's latest Japanese restaurant is worth a visit.


The best place to drink ales in Hong Kong

Monday March 31, 2014

Well, what's the point of us picking out the best drinks (see blog below) if we don't tell you where to get your hands on a glass.

Along with the rise of craft beers Hong Kong has also seen plenty of craft bars open, where you can enjoy the best local brews. We've picked six of the best craft ale pubs in Hong Kong. From the Globe, where Hong Kong's real ale revolution began, to the Taproom, where you can pick from a selection of twenty plus beers on tap, through to The Beer Bay little more than a hole in wall bar serving up cut price British pints.

The best ales in Hong Kong

Monday March 31, 2014

There are lots of things to like about Hong Kong. Beer hasn't, historically, been one of them. Overpriced and overwatered the choice of Blue Girl or San Miguel is a desperate one and you know when a city considers Stella Artois a boutique lager and charges boutique prices that the pint situation is poor.

Things have been changing, slowly. The city has a burgeoning craft beer industry, a couple of bars serving up ales and a handful of craft breweries. We've picked out the best craft beers to try in Hong Kong; from the cha cha soba ale, with a splash of green tea, to the refreshing number 1 wheat beer served up Tipping Point Brewery Co.

Introducing Hong Kong’s wet markets

Monday March 31, 2014

Under the shadow of the city's skyscrapers and squeezed in between the giant malls and supermarkets Hong Kong's wet markets still do a roaring trade.

Wet markets are where many Hong Kongers turn to for their grocery shopping and you'll find fresh fruit and veg and meat on sale inside the dozen or so markets around the city.

Usually hidden away inside bland concrete buildings, wet markets may look far from historical but these markets are very much a nod to Hong Kong's past. Cantonese cuisine and sensibilities have long demanded fresh food for cooking while an innate ability to bargain also brings customers here to haggle on price.

Inside the markets seafood and poultry are kept live until the buyer picks their victim and it's dispatched to the chopping block while fruit and veg prices are vocally disputed.

See our top five Hong Kong wet markets.

Where to play poker in Macau

Monday March 31, 2014

Macau has fast become famous for poker games. The city regularly hosts the biggest pots in the world and millions of dollars can change hands on the flop of a single card in the city's high stake games.  But despite all the headline grabbing pots of gold swapping hands it's actually pretty hard to get yourself into a poker game in Macau.

So we've been round the casinos to see where you raise a game of five card. Check out our where to play poker in Macau article for profiles on the city's half a dozen poker rooms; from big pots and fancy cards to a more low key game of Texas Hold em.

Hong Kong hotels under $200

Friday February 28, 2014

So you don't want to break the bank but you also don't want to sleep in a bedroom the size of a shoebox. Hong Kong can be a heartbreaker for hotel prices but you can find good deals if you know where to look. We do.

We've picked five of the best Hong Kong hotels for under $200 and that doesn't mean three star motels stuck out in the middle of nowhere. For less than $200 you can get your hands on a five star, you can even find a bed inside a very decent boutique hotel in the swanky surrounds of Central. Still too pricey? There's even a couple of stays for around $150.

See our Hong Kong hotels for under $200 for more.


Why the Wynn still wins

Friday February 28, 2014

While it's been here less than ten years, the Wynn Macau is actually one of the older casinos in Macau. Along with the Sands it was the first of the Las Vegas exports to the city, bringing with it high rollers, grand design and the same sweeping curve architecture that graces the strip in Vegas.

It's been dwarfed in recent years by the warehouse like Venetian and resort styled City of Dreams casino out on the Cotai Strip, but it's still got an edge in the style stakes.  The faux Oriental designs may not be high art but they are classy when compared to the singing gondoliers of the Venetian, and with just a handful of shops and no shows there are fewer frills here than in other casinos.

With the opening of the seriously luxury Wynn Encore Tower find out why now is great time to pay a visit to the Wynn Macau.


Hong Kong snacks list

Friday February 28, 2014

This is a city that marches on its stomach. With kitchens you couldn't swing a cat in and long working hours Hong Kongers eat out more than any other nation in the world. And with so little time on their hands eating often involves something they can shovel into quickly or that can be carried on a stick.

There are some delicious snacks on offer, from satay battered fish balls to flaky egg tarts washed down with silk stocking tea. But there is also plenty of more adventurous food out there and we aren't just talking chicken feet.

Read our top ten Hong Kong snacks to find out about the evils of stinky tofu.


Why backpacking in Hong Kong doesn’t have to break the bank

Friday February 28, 2014

Hong Kong doesn't make it on to many backpackers must visit list. It has a reputation as being the city that will shatter your credit card into a thousand pieces and send you backpacking home broke.

It's a reputation that's not completely undeserved thanks to pricey hotel rates, but if you can get over the inflated bed prices then this is a very cheap city. You can find fantastic food for less than $5 a day, the temples, the beaches and the jaw dropping cityscapes and sky line are free and flights in and out are a bargain.

Take a look at our backpackers guide to Hong Kong for tips on how to get the most out of the city for less.


Chinese New Year Horoscopes - your year ahead

Tuesday January 21, 2014

We're about to usher in the Chinese New Year of the Horse (the wooden horse to be specific) on January 31st and it promises to be a cracker. Peering into the star charts the experts are claiming the year of the horse will bring bags of energy and enthusiasm. The horse is bold and boisterous so it should be a fortuitous year for those willing to take on a challenge or embark on an adventure.

The Chinese zodiac is based on 12 animal signs, each is linked to the year you were born, and each year the prevailing animal sign is said to dictate what happens in the year ahead. For most, 2014 looks to be a good one, but each sign is individual.

Read our Chinese New Year horoscopes 2014 to find out what the year of the horse holds for your sign or, if you don't know which sign you are, check our Chinese zodiac page which matches your year of birth to your sign.

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